James Pels Plastics
James Pels was established in 1949 by Messer James Pels and Dr.Shlomo Goetz. Since its establishment, the company has been active in selling plastic raw materials and machinery for the emerging plastic industry.

As in the past, the company is continuing today in promoting plastic raw materials. The activity is focused on three main categories: commodity resins, engineering plastics and additives. Lately James Pels have developed new activity and we are promoting various plastic films. The films are mainly originated from the Far East and technically supervised.
Our main market today is Europe, in which we sell to more than 15 countries. In the last decade, we have successfully increased our turnover and market share annually. We expect further expansion in the coming years due to enlargement of our product range and entering new markets. We support our customers by giving them financial service and full technical assistance, as well as guaranty on our products. Based on our vast experience, we grant customers cost effective solution to their needs.

For our customers, we seek the best competitive product without compromising on its quality.
We hope seeing you among our customers.